Wick is an Adventure, Horror, Survival, Exploration, First-Person Perspective, and Single-player video game developed by Hellbent Studio

Wick Software Description

Wick is an Adventure, Horror, Survival, Exploration, First-Person Perspective, and Single-player video game developed by Hellbent Studio. The gameplay sets you into the mystical world where the signs of survival are very dim, you need to use your sandbox ability in order to become the lone survivor in the dense forests. The storyline demands you to go into the woods in order to find the lost children, every time you enter the jungle there is a new challenge, new scary beasts, and ultimate objectives are available, you have to find out the clues in the candlelight, bring the new secrets into consideration, and unravel the facts about the place.

While on the journey, you have to keep finding the candles in order to navigate into the bright light otherwise the ghost is not going to spare you in dark. The features such as 3d effects, hundreds of various modes, and great mysteries are buried in the woods.

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