Streak is workflow management, CRM, and email tracking software for Gmail

Streak Software Description

Streak is workflow management, CRM, and email tracking software for Gmail. The unique feature of Streak is its autoresponders that use various modes of message delivery such as Email and Phone. In addition, the platform allows users to assign autoresponders to different projects. The Streak Web interface has been divided into different sections, including Dashboard, Contacts, and Activities.

Each area has several features that make it easy to organize the tasks in a given project. In addition, each feature can be turned on or off depending on what you want to accomplish with your workflow. It also allows for automatic categorization of emails based on priority and location. Streak has many potential applications in organizations such as advertising agencies, insurance companies, education institutions, real estate firms, non-profits, small businesses, and so on.

It provides easy access to important emails and information about contacts. There are multiple features on offer that include sales processing, comprehensive real estate management, project management, extreme functionalities, spreadsheet into Gmail, customization workflow, smart input types, quick access to information, automatically log calls, and more to add.

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