Encase eDiscovery

Encase eDiscovery is a comprehensive tool providing rich eDiscovery solutions

Encase eDiscovery Software Description

Encase eDiscovery is a comprehensive tool providing rich eDiscovery solutions. The platform is facilitating users with both Encase Desktop and Encase Enterprise. Encase Desktop offers a completely integrated eDiscovery solution for Windows, Mac, and Linux. It’s perfect for workgroups or small law firms because it supports all popular operating systems and doesn’t require an additional server.

On the other hand, enterprise eDiscovery is perfect for medium to large law firms or corporations. The online delivery enables you to store, review and move case files between servers, as well as access them from any web browser or mobile device. Encase eDiscovery can work both on-premises and through our online delivery. The software comes with sumptuous Support to Recognize, gather and reserve data for eDiscovery, investigations, and monitoring requests.

With Encase eDiscovery, any organization can archive email and exchange email archives with other organizations. Additionally, Encase eDiscovery is the only cross-platform eDiscovery solution that can work with nearly all common file systems, including Microsoft Exchange, HFS+, NTFS, Apple Macintosh, and Linux. There are multiple features on offer that include managing electronically stored information, streamline the experience, improve workflow, recover data, court-admissible format support, automation, cross-case reports, and more to add.

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Encase eDiscovery
Encase eDiscovery
Encase eDiscovery
Encase eDiscovery

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