Dragon Fantasy Book I

Dragon Fantasy Book I is a Role-Playing, Retro, Action-Adventure, and Single-player video game produced by the Muteki Corporation

Dragon Fantasy Book I Software Description

Dragon Fantasy Book I is a Role-Playing, Retro, Action-Adventure, and Single-player video game produced by the Muteki Corporation. In the line of context, you have to play the role of a protagonist who is to find out several treasure boxes, fight against the enemies, and complete dozens of quests while playing. The gameplay includes many battles, dungeon crawlers’ fighting, and hundreds of ways to find out the gold mines, meet variable characters on the way, and complete a variety of missions while playing.

There are several characters from other Japanese RPG games such as Final Fantasy, Lufia, EarthBournd, and Dragon Quest, up to 4 chapters are shared in this content that has special missions, enemies, and a storyline to follow. Other core attributes of this game are compiled with the beauty of retro classical graphics, amazing soundtracks with old-school effects, and dozens of adventures are packed here.

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Dragon Fantasy Book I
Dragon Fantasy Book I
Dragon Fantasy Book I
Dragon Fantasy Book I
Dragon Fantasy Book I

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