Definitive Healthcare

Definitive Healthcare is an online solution for healthcare data analytics and business intelligence

Definitive Healthcare Software Description

Definitive Healthcare is an online solution for healthcare data analytics and business intelligence. With millions of pages of health data in the company’s system, it is one of the only companies to make hospital analytics as easy and accessible as possible. The company is focused on removing the guesswork from healthcare and fuels better decisions and meaningful actions throughout the healthcare supply chain. The end-to-end platform, powered by data, eliminates the noise by providing healthcare providers, health plans and government entities with actionable insights for improving operations, performance, and ultimately the quality of care.

Definitive Healthcare aggregates, stores, and provides access to provider-level data from all payers, including Medicare, Medicaid, private insurers and health plans. Definitive Healthcare is able to gather this data because of its innovative technology, which enables data to be synchronized across multiple systems. By conducting in-depth, real-time research, Definitive Healthcare updates its comprehensive database daily with all new providers to help these health system clients reach their patients and achieve measurable results.

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Definitive Healthcare
Definitive Healthcare
Definitive Healthcare
Definitive Healthcare

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