Crosscountry Canada

Crosscountry Canada is an Educational, Adventure, and Single-player video game developed and published by Ingenuity Works

Crosscountry Canada Software Description

Crosscountry Canada is an Educational, Adventure, and Single-player video game developed and published by Ingenuity Works. The game plots the storyline in which you have to pick up multiple products to 55 deliverable items from one place and reach the other place to drop them. Choose multiple countries like Canada and the USA and interact with the various locations like California, Texas, North Dakota, Canada Platinum, and other 135 cities.

Each of the locations has amazing and unique challenges and information that can be experienced over here. Use this game for educational purposes to let your child know about facts and figures about the states, multiple locations, territories and to memorize different cities. Drive the 18-wheeler, choose the best and easy route and get the products delivered from one place to another destination. The game features a 2-Dimensional display along with Retro style visuals & soundtracks, multiple cities to get exposure, great knowledge, and a free-to-play walkthrough.

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Crosscountry Canada
Crosscountry Canada
Crosscountry Canada
Crosscountry Canada
Crosscountry Canada

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