Micro-Cap is a free-of-cost SPICE simulator developed by Spectrum software

Micro-Cap Software Description

Micro-Cap is a free-of-cost SPICE simulator developed by Spectrum software. It is fully compatible with analog/digital circuits and allows electronic engineers to use the built-in interactive sketch and simulate the environment through an integrated schematic editor. It used to be paid but was recently made freely available to the public by the owners. The modules include Interactive Editing and Simulation, which provides robust simulation choices. Simulation options can be accessed with a single click and become available upon the creation of a schematic.

Transient analysis is offered for the simulation of the time domain along with AC and DC analysis for small signal frequency simulation and DC simulation, respectively. Other analysis tools include Monte Carlo analysis, sensitivity analysis, harmonic distortion analysis, and intermodulation distortion analysis. Another great component is the Native Digital Simulator that allows you to run mixed-mode or digital simulations through models that are owned by you or ones selected from the extensive digital library.

The key highlights of this specific component include Hazard reporting, fast, event-driven, and 5-state simulator, and availability of more than 2000 standard digital parts belonging to various digital families, including ECL100K, 7400, ECL10K, HCT, AC, LV, ALS, F, H, ACT, S, and more. Other modules include Worst-Case Analysis, Smoke Analysis, Optimizer, Filter Designer, 33,000 Part Library, and Analog and Digital Behavioral Modeling.

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