This is the Repository for Hacktoberfest 2022, especially for newbies, and experienced contributors for contributing their projects in this repo and Make a mark!


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Amazing Hacktoberfest 2022

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  • Say hello to everyone in the discussion and tell us about your skills and experiences
  • Get your questions answered and help others by answering theirs.
  • Share your creative ideas about improving this community.
  • Showcase you previous works as a motivation for others and get feedback from experts.
  • Resources to get you started and sharpening the skills.
  • And lot of things coming from you.
  • Feel Free to Ask anything without any hesitation.

How to do contributions ⁉️

1. Fork the Project 🍴

Fork this repository and make changes in code as required. You can change it online or by cloning it in your device. Then Pust it on your Forked Repo for further Actions. Do not use special characters in the template above.

2. Write a Good Commit Message 🙂

You have written some code in your branch, and are ready to commit. So, make sure to written good, clean commit messages. Let's review the anatomy of a commit message.

First line, no more than 50 characters

Details section, as long as you want. Not always necessary, but available if you need it. Wrapped at 72 characters. Present imperative tense is preferred for commits. That means "fix bug", not "fixes bug" or "fixed bug".

  • Use bullets if you need
  • Bullets are a good way to summarize a few things

If you have too much info here, it might be a good candidate to break down into multiple commits. You can use emoji here too

3. Lastly, submit your Pull Request

Go through the checklist on the pull request template to guarantee your submission is valid. Our team will review your application, approve and merge your submission if everything is correct. Otherwise, you will get notified of the changes requested in the pull request comment section.

Note: Don't Forget to add the project in the Respected Programming language folder, if your language's folder isn't there, then Inform us to do so or you can do it by your own self as a contribution...!

Please check first and then send your codes with discription.

Our contributors:-

"All the best for the event"

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  • Online University Management System

    Online University Management System

    The online University Management System Project In Java is a completely useful Java project which incorporates data about schools, colleges, and schools overall. It was made for the college and its partnered establishments to lead, screen, and dissect confounded exercises like brought together affirmation, unified assessments, and considerably more.

    opened by Swayms-stack 5
  • Convert Roman to Integer via Python

    Convert Roman to Integer via Python

    This program converts Roman Numeral to Integer via Python.

    • Uses easy-to-understand algorithmic approach.
    • Provides suitable output in-case of invalid Roman Numeral input.
    • Example and Documentation added of input and output process.
    good first issue hacktoberfest-accepted 
    opened by hridhwesh 3
  • Added CRUD Project using js

    Added CRUD Project using js

    CRUD Project (Create , read , update , delete) using HTML , CSS and JS.This will help us to read , write ,update and maintain our records.This is a responsive website as well has a dark and a light mode adjustment . The website is minimal with a clean code base too .

    Website UI : Screenshot (823)

    Screenshot (824)

    opened by MannyP31 2
  • Create Insertion Sort Algorithm in Data Structures using Python

    Create Insertion Sort Algorithm in Data Structures using Python

    Sorting and Searching algorithms like insertion sort, selection sort, merge sort are very important to learn as a part of the preparation of your placements and also for internships because these form the base of any programmer. As a programmer, you have to deal with large amounts of data. Hence, we use sorting algorithms and one of them is an insertion sort. Now, the Insertion sort algorithm is a comparison-based sorting algorithm in which the sorted array is built by inserting one element at its correct position at a time.

    opened by MMVonnSeek 2
  • Laptop Price Prediction WebApp

    Laptop Price Prediction WebApp

    Laptop price prediction Web app, this folder contain all the files which is useful for making or deploying the laptop price prediction model into web app. This project is build by using Machine Learning and streamlit.

    opened by ankitkumar174 2
  • Login Form

    Login Form

    Hey it's the fellow Python coder again, This time I've submitted a login form that uses the tkinter module to input name, phone number, gender, emergency and payment mode. It works like an actual form and I hope you find it useful. Cheers! P.S.-Thanks a lot for suggesting this repo, I hope this program can make it up to you :)

    opened by Aniket12082003 2
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Hey! I'm Idhant, A Student I'm Very Experienced in Python And Singing. I'd like to meet and get to know new people in Github and Contributing!
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Gaurav Bhalerao 9 Nov 3, 2022
This repository is open for Hacktoberfest contributors to analyze data and bring their opensource skills in action .

Hacktoberfest Leet Code LeetCode is one of the most well-known online judge platforms that you can use to practice your programming skills by solving

Rudra Pratap Singh 4 Oct 17, 2022
Play With Python is an open source repository, which contains various types of games built in Python. Contributors are open to contribute in this repository with their contributions!

Play With Python ?? ?? Play Games! Built in Python. ?? Welcome contributors! Gaming is really a workout for your mind disguised as fun. Studies have s

Abhishek Sharma 7 Nov 17, 2022
Hacktoberfest22 project and codes. This repo is about hacktoberfest 2022 and if you wanna make your first PR to be accepted then please contribute here.

Hacktober22 Hacktoberfest22 project and codes Hacktoberfest 2022 OPEN Pull Request - FREE T-SHIRTs If you do not star this repository will automatical

A M 84 Nov 13, 2022
This is a hacktoberfest repo with learning propose to make pull request(PR) and get contribute on opensource project.

This is a repo with learning propose to make pull request(PR) and get contribute on opensource project. Made specifically for HACKTOBERFEST 2022! Hack

Rakka Pratama 52 Nov 4, 2022
For beginner open-source contributors ,Who want to start their opensource journey.

Hacktoberfest-2022 What is it? Click on the poster below to watch the video for more details ?? Register for Hacktober2022 event - https://hacktoberfe

Kapil Kumar 22 Nov 3, 2022
Make your first Pull Request on Hacktoberfest 2022. Don't forget to spread love and if you like give us a ⭐️

?? HacktoberFest 2022 Starter Project ?? Use this project to make your first contribution to an open source project on GitHub. Practice making your fi

ARJUN THAKOR 16 Oct 19, 2022
Make your first Pull Request on Hacktoberfest 2022. Don't forget to spread love and if you like give us a ⭐️

Hacktoberfest2022' This repository contains all the programing code. This repository is also a part of the Hacktoberfest 2022 event Adhere to code of

Kartik 6 Oct 16, 2022
Make your first Pull Request on Hacktoberfest 2022. Don't forget to spread love and if you like give us a ⭐️

Hacktoberfest2022 Make your first Pull Request on Hacktoberfest 2022. Don't forget to spread love and if you like give us a ⭐️ Hacktoberfest 2022 OPEN

Suman Sharma 9 Oct 15, 2022
Let's play with data! We prepared toy data for data newbies.

datatoys-python Overview datatoys-python is a Python library for loading the curated list of datasets from the statgarten/datatoys R library. Installa

StatGarten 5 Nov 3, 2022
This repository is to allow Hactoberfest 2022 participants to make PR's. This repository aims to help beginners 🤔 with their first successful Pull Request and Open Source Contribution

Hacktoberfest 2022 ?? Hacktoberfest is the celebration of Open Source Software sponsored by Digital Ocean, GitHub, Intel & Dev. This repository aims t

null 16 Nov 15, 2022
Contribute in this repository by raising genuine PR. Get verified, and earn the free swags from Hacktoberfest 2022.

This repository is no longer accepting new PR's. Please don't contribute in this repository. Hacktoberfest 2022 Is Awesome ?? This repository aims to

Kishan Kumar Rai 90 Nov 18, 2022
This repository accepts contributions for HacktoberFest 2022.

Coding-Basics-HacktoberFest2022 This repo has been excluded from HacktoberFest What is HacktoberFest 2022? HacktoberFest is an open-source festival fo

Crazy Codigo 24 Nov 3, 2022
This repository is for coders who want to do open source contribution during Hacktoberfest 2022.

HacktoberFest 2022 Hacktoberfest Hacktoberfest is digitaloceans annual event that encourages people to contribute to open source throughout october. M

Rohit Kanojiya 3 Oct 17, 2022
Read the file and start contributing GOOD LUCK !!!

LeetCode-Solutions Read the and start contributing GOOD LUCK !!! A Beginner friendly repo to push PRs for Hacktoberfest 2022. What is Hacktob

Archit Gupta 25 Nov 18, 2022
Built a GUI Based Face Recognition Module. Functionality that allows people to register their faces along with their name and enrollment number to make a paperless and smooth attendance system.

Face_recognition_based_attendance_system A python GUI integrated attendance system using face recognition to take attendance. In this python project,

null 1 Oct 25, 2022
Hacktoberfest 2022 Mini game project you can contribute in it with any mini game you have created so far.

Hacktober 2022 Open to contribute Make a PR with any simple game you have created in any language Rock Paper And Scissors Ping Pong Game Snake Game #T

Frey 2 Oct 28, 2022