An unofficial, reverse-engineered Python API for Tastyworks.


Tastyworks API (Unofficial)

A simple, async-based, reverse-engineered API for tastyworks. This will allow you to create trading algorithms for whatever strategies you may have.

Please note that this is in the very early stages of development so any and all contributions are welcome. Please submit an issue and/or a pull request.

This is a fork with modified and added features. You can find the original (unmaintained) GitHub repo at:


$ pip install tastyworks-api


Here's a simple example which showcases many different aspects of the API:

import asyncio
from datetime import date
from decimal import Decimal as D

from tastyworks.models import option_chain, underlying
from tastyworks.models.greeks import Greeks
from tastyworks.models.option import Option, OptionType
from tastyworks.models.order import (Order, OrderDetails, OrderPriceEffect,
from tastyworks.models.session import TastyAPISession
from tastyworks.models.trading_account import TradingAccount
from tastyworks.models.underlying import UnderlyingType
from tastyworks.streamer import DataStreamer
from tastyworks.tastyworks_api import tasty_session
from tastyworks.utils import get_third_friday

async def main_loop(session: TastyAPISession, streamer: DataStreamer):
    accounts = await TradingAccount.get_remote_accounts(session)
    acct = accounts[0]
    print(f'Accounts available: {accounts}')

    orders = await Order.get_remote_orders(session, acct)
    print(f'Number of active orders: {len(orders)}')

    # Execute an order
    details = OrderDetails(
    new_order = Order(details)

    opt = Option(

    res = await acct.execute_order(new_order, session, dry_run=True)
    print(f'Order executed successfully: {res}')

    # Get an options chain
    undl = underlying.Underlying('AKS')

    chain = await option_chain.get_option_chain(session, undl)
    print(f'Chain strikes: {chain.get_all_strikes()}')

    # Get all expirations for the options for the above equity symbol
    exp = chain.get_all_expirations()

    # Choose the next expiration as an example & fetch the entire options chain for that expiration (all strikes)
    next_exp = exp[0]
    chain_next_exp = await option_chain.get_option_chain(session, undl, next_exp)
    options = []
    for option in chain_next_exp.options:

    # Get the greeks data for all option symbols via the streamer by subscribing
    options_symbols = [options[x].symbol_dxf for x in range(len(options))]
    greeks_data = await'Greeks', options_symbols)

    for data in greeks_data:
        gd = Greeks().from_streamer_dict(data)
        # gd = Greeks(kwargs=data)
        idx_match = [options[x].symbol_dxf for x in range(len(options))].index(gd.symbol)
        options[idx_match].greeks = gd
        print('> Symbol: {}\tPrice: {}\tDelta {}'.format(gd.symbol, gd.price,

	quote = await'Quote', sub_values)
    print(f'Received item: {quote}')

	await streamer.close()

if __name__ == '__main__':
    tasty_client = tasty_session.create_new_session('foo', 'bar')
    streamer = DataStreamer(tasty_client)
    loop = asyncio.get_event_loop()

        loop.run_until_complete(main_loop(tasty_client, streamer))
    except Exception:
        print('Exception in main loop')
        # find all futures/tasks still running and wait for them to finish
        pending_tasks = [
            task for task in asyncio.Task.all_tasks() if not task.done()

Guidelines and caveats

There are a few useful things to know which will help you get the most out of this API and use it in the way it was intended.

  1. All objects are designed to be independent of each other in their steady-state. That is, unless executing an action, all objects are not bound to each other and have no knowledge of each other's awareness.
  2. One can have multiple sessions and, due to the inter-object independence, can execute identical actions on identical objects in different sessions.
  3. Given the above points, this API does not implement state management and synchronization (i.e. are my local object representations identical to the remote [Tastyworks] ones?). This is not an indefinitely closed matter and may be re-evaluated if the need arises.


This is an unofficial, reverse-engineered API for Tastyworks. There is no implied warranty for any actions and results which arise from using it. The only guarantee I make is that you will lose all your money if you use this API.

  • asyncio compatibility issue?

    asyncio compatibility issue?

    I'm trying to run the demo/example provided with the tasyworks-api package

    'Main' keeps throwing an exception:

    task for task in asyncio.Task.all_tasks() if not task.done() AttributeError: type object '_asyncio.Task' has no attribute 'all_tasks'

    opened by ReneJ22 5
  • Feature/fix python

    Feature/fix python

    • depends on
    • fixes the asyncio loop
    • I don't know much about asyncio
    • I changed the ticker so that the loop progresses further

    I get the following output now which is much better than before:

    Accounts available: [TradingAccount(account_number=xxxxx]
    Number of active orders: 1
    Order executed successfully: {'order': {'account-number': 'xxx', 'time-in-force': 'Day', 'order-type': 'Limit', 'size': 1, 'underlying-symbol': 'SPY', 'underlying-instrument-type': 'Equity', 'price': '400.0', 'price-effect': 'Credit', 'status': 'Received', 'cancellable': True, 'editable': True, 'edited': False, 'updated-at': 0, 'legs': [{'instrument-type': 'Equity Option', 'symbol': 'SPY   221216C00400000', 'quantity': 1, 'remaining-quantity': 1, 'action': 'Sell to Open', 'fills': []}]}, 'warnings': [{'code': 'tif_next_valid_sesssion', 'message': 'Your order will begin working during next valid session.'}], 'buying-power-effect': {'change-in-margin-requirement': '8294.6', 'change-in-margin-requirement-effect': 'Debit', 'change-in-buying-power': '31704.25782', 'change-in-buying-power-effect': 'Credit', 'current-buying-power': '4701.027', 'current-buying-power-effect': 'Credit', 'new-buying-power': '36405.28482', 'new-buying-power-effect': 'Credit', 'isolated-order-margin-requirement': '8294.6', 'isolated-order-margin-requirement-effect': 'Debit', 'is-spread': False, 'impact': '31704.25782', 'effect': 'Credit'}, 'fee-calculation': {'regulatory-fees': '0.04218', 'regulatory-fees-effect': 'Debit', 'clearing-fees': '0.1', 'clearing-fees-effect': 'Debit', 'commission': '1.0', 'commission-effect': 'Debit', 'proprietary-index-option-fees': '0.0', 'proprietary-index-option-fees-effect': 'None', 'total-fees': '1.14218', 'total-fees-effect': 'Debit'}}
    Chain strikes: [Decimal('85.0'), Decimal('90.0'), Decimal('95.0'), Decimal('100.0'), Decimal('105.0'), Decimal('110.0'), Decimal('115.0'), Decimal('120.0'), Decimal('125.0'), Decimal('130.0'), Decimal('135.0'), Decimal('140.0'), Decimal('145.0'), Decimal('150.0'), Decimal('155.0'), Decimal('160.0'), Decimal('165.0'), Decimal('170.0'), Decimal('175.0'), Decimal('180.0'), Decimal('185.0'), Decimal('190.0'), Decimal('195.0'), Decimal('200.0'), Decimal('205.0'), Decimal('210.0'), Decimal('215.0'), Decimal('220.0'), Decimal('225.0'), Decimal('230.0'), Decimal('235.0'), Decimal('240.0'), Decimal('245.0'), Decimal('250.0'), Decimal('255.0'), Decimal('260.0'), Decimal('265.0'), Decimal('270.0'), Decimal('275.0'), Decimal('280.0'), Decimal('285.0'), Decimal('290.0'), Decimal('295.0'), Decimal('300.0'), Decimal('301.0'), Decimal('302.0'), Decimal('303.0'), Decimal('304.0'), Decimal('305.0'), Decimal('306.0'), Decimal('307.0'), Decimal('308.0'), Decimal('309.0'), Decimal('310.0'), Decimal('311.0'), Decimal('312.0'), Decimal('313.0'), Decimal('314.0'), Decimal('315.0'), Decimal('316.0'), Decimal('317.0'), Decimal('318.0'), Decimal('319.0'), Decimal('320.0'), Decimal('321.0'), Decimal('322.0'), Decimal('323.0'), Decimal('324.0'), Decimal('325.0'), Decimal('326.0'), Decimal('327.0'), Decimal('328.0'), Decimal('329.0'), Decimal('330.0'), Decimal('331.0'), Decimal('332.0'), Decimal('333.0'), Decimal('334.0'), Decimal('335.0'), Decimal('336.0'), Decimal('337.0'), Decimal('338.0'), Decimal('339.0'), Decimal('340.0'), Decimal('341.0'), Decimal('342.0'), Decimal('343.0'), Decimal('344.0'), Decimal('345.0'), Decimal('346.0'), Decimal('347.0'), Decimal('347.5'), Decimal('348.0'), Decimal('349.0'), Decimal('350.0'), Decimal('351.0'), Decimal('352.0'), Decimal('352.5'), Decimal('353.0'), Decimal('354.0'), Decimal('355.0'), Decimal('356.0'), Decimal('357.0'), Decimal('357.5'), Decimal('358.0'), Decimal('359.0'), Decimal('360.0'), Decimal('361.0'), Decimal('362.0'), Decimal('362.5'), Decimal('363.0'), Decimal('364.0'), Decimal('365.0'), Decimal('366.0'), Decimal('367.0'), Decimal('367.5'), Decimal('368.0'), Decimal('369.0'), Decimal('370.0'), Decimal('371.0'), Decimal('372.0'), Decimal('372.5'), Decimal('373.0'), Decimal('374.0'), Decimal('375.0'), Decimal('376.0'), Decimal('377.0'), Decimal('377.5'), Decimal('378.0'), Decimal('379.0'), Decimal('380.0'), Decimal('381.0'), Decimal('382.0'), Decimal('382.5'), Decimal('383.0'), Decimal('384.0'), Decimal('385.0'), Decimal('386.0'), Decimal('387.0'), Decimal('387.5'), Decimal('388.0'), Decimal('389.0'), Decimal('390.0'), Decimal('391.0'), Decimal('392.0'), Decimal('392.5'), Decimal('393.0'), Decimal('394.0'), Decimal('395.0'), Decimal('396.0'), Decimal('397.0'), Decimal('397.5'), Decimal('398.0'), Decimal('399.0'), Decimal('400.0'), Decimal('401.0'), Decimal('402.0'), Decimal('403.0'), Decimal('404.0'), Decimal('405.0'), Decimal('406.0'), Decimal('407.0'), Decimal('408.0'), Decimal('409.0'), Decimal('410.0'), Decimal('411.0'), Decimal('412.0'), Decimal('413.0'), Decimal('414.0'), Decimal('415.0'), Decimal('416.0'), Decimal('417.0'), Decimal('418.0'), Decimal('419.0'), Decimal('420.0'), Decimal('421.0'), Decimal('422.0'), Decimal('423.0'), Decimal('424.0'), Decimal('425.0'), Decimal('426.0'), Decimal('427.0'), Decimal('428.0'), Decimal('429.0'), Decimal('430.0'), Decimal('431.0'), Decimal('432.0'), Decimal('433.0'), Decimal('434.0'), Decimal('435.0'), Decimal('436.0'), Decimal('437.0'), Decimal('438.0'), Decimal('439.0'), Decimal('440.0'), Decimal('441.0'), Decimal('442.0'), Decimal('443.0'), Decimal('444.0'), Decimal('445.0'), Decimal('446.0'), Decimal('447.0'), Decimal('448.0'), Decimal('449.0'), Decimal('450.0'), Decimal('451.0'), Decimal('452.0'), Decimal('453.0'), Decimal('454.0'), Decimal('455.0'), Decimal('456.0'), Decimal('457.0'), Decimal('458.0'), Decimal('459.0'), Decimal('460.0'), Decimal('461.0'), Decimal('462.0'), Decimal('463.0'), Decimal('464.0'), Decimal('465.0'), Decimal('466.0'), Decimal('467.0'), Decimal('468.0'), Decimal('469.0'), Decimal('470.0'), Decimal('471.0'), Decimal('472.0'), Decimal('473.0'), Decimal('474.0'), Decimal('475.0'), Decimal('476.0'), Decimal('477.0'), Decimal('478.0'), Decimal('479.0'), Decimal('480.0'), Decimal('481.0'), Decimal('482.0'), Decimal('483.0'), Decimal('484.0'), Decimal('485.0'), Decimal('486.0'), Decimal('487.0'), Decimal('488.0'), Decimal('489.0'), Decimal('490.0'), Decimal('491.0'), Decimal('492.0'), Decimal('493.0'), Decimal('494.0'), Decimal('495.0'), Decimal('496.0'), Decimal('497.0'), Decimal('498.0'), Decimal('499.0'), Decimal('500.0'), Decimal('501.0'), Decimal('502.0'), Decimal('503.0'), Decimal('504.0'), Decimal('505.0'), Decimal('506.0'), Decimal('507.0'), Decimal('508.0'), Decimal('509.0'), Decimal('510.0'), Decimal('511.0'), Decimal('512.0'), Decimal('513.0'), Decimal('514.0'), Decimal('515.0'), Decimal('516.0'), Decimal('517.0'), Decimal('518.0'), Decimal('519.0'), Decimal('520.0'), Decimal('521.0'), Decimal('522.0'), Decimal('523.0'), Decimal('525.0'), Decimal('530.0'), Decimal('535.0'), Decimal('540.0'), Decimal('545.0'), Decimal('550.0'), Decimal('555.0'), Decimal('560.0'), Decimal('565.0'), Decimal('570.0'), Decimal('575.0'), Decimal('580.0'), Decimal('585.0'), Decimal('590.0'), Decimal('595.0'), Decimal('600.0'), Decimal('605.0'), Decimal('610.0'), Decimal('615.0'), Decimal('620.0'), Decimal('625.0'), Decimal('630.0'), Decimal('635.0'), Decimal('640.0'), Decimal('645.0'), Decimal('650.0'), Decimal('655.0'), Decimal('660.0'), Decimal('665.0'), Decimal('670.0'), Decimal('675.0'), Decimal('680.0'), Decimal('685.0'), Decimal('690.0'), Decimal('695.0'), Decimal('700.0'), Decimal('705.0'), Decimal('710.0'), Decimal('715.0'), Decimal('720.0')]
    Traceback (most recent call last):
      File "/Users/avion/Documents/programming/trading/tasty/tastyworks/docs/", line 87, in <module>, streamer))
      File "/opt/homebrew/Cellar/[email protected]/3.10.8/Frameworks/Python.framework/Versions/3.10/lib/python3.10/asyncio/", line 44, in run
        return loop.run_until_complete(main)
      File "/opt/homebrew/Cellar/[email protected]/3.10.8/Frameworks/Python.framework/Versions/3.10/lib/python3.10/asyncio/", line 649, in run_until_complete
        return future.result()
      File "/Users/avion/Documents/programming/trading/tasty/tastyworks/docs/", line 65, in main_loop
        greeks_data = await'Greeks', options_symbols)
      File "/opt/homebrew/lib/python3.10/site-packages/tastyworks/", line 107, in stream
        await self.add_data_sub(streamer_dict)
      File "/opt/homebrew/lib/python3.10/site-packages/tastyworks/", line 32, in add_data_sub
        await self._send_msg(dxfeed.SUBSCRIPTION_CHANNEL, {'add': values})
      File "/opt/homebrew/lib/python3.10/site-packages/tastyworks/", line 43, in _send_msg
        if not self.logged_in:
    AttributeError: 'DataStreamer' object has no attribute 'logged_in'
    opened by avion23 1
  • Preparation for future commits

    Preparation for future commits

    The example in the readme is broken. I'm trying to fix it. To be able to execute and debug the program it needs to be in a *.py version.

    This PR just copy-pastes the example and injects username and password through the environment. It's useful to do so to avoid accidentally leaking your credentials (meaning mine ;) when committing

    opened by avion23 1
  • update to use fixed aiocometd

    update to use fixed aiocometd

    Problem addressed

    aiocometd doesn't handle certain errors, making it impossible to close a DataStreamer without throwing an unhandleable error. Updating to my fork of aiocometd fixes this, as the library is no longer maintained.


    Version of aiocometd is now a tag of my fork.


    • PR commits have been squashed
    • All tests pass
    opened by Graeme22 0
  • example code is not executable example code is not executable code is not executed with several errors

    • First problem: indentation is incorrect: TabError: inconsistent use of tabs and spaces in indentation
    • You can even see this in github, adding print(f'Received item: {quote}') broke the code
    • Second problem: the code is a mix of old and new, caused by a refactoring in c7d2d3b6
    • In the current version sub_values does not exist, but it is used
    • A comparison with c7d2d3b6 shows me that there is a lot of refactoring.

    Is it possible to either revert this change or insert a working version?

    opened by avion23 4
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